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What George W. Bush Honestly Does Not Know
Donna Marsh O’Connor, Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer, WTC Tower II, 93rd floor
There is a difference between truth and honesty.  Though both are difficult to certify absolutely, truth claims reach for higher levels of validation, for validation from a member of a high status group or an academic discipline where what constitutes truth in a given realm or field is determined by methods of testing and peer review.  Honesty has more to do with the goal of the speaker, not to express an idea that will be universally or consensually validated, but to express an idea that the speaker believes and to express plainly. 
Last night, George W. Bush was honest:  When asked whether he thought homosexuality was a choice, he groped for a moment, visible in his expression, and then said, “I don’t know.” 
He doesn’t know. 
If only he found it of use, when he does not know, to pursue others who do it might not be so shocking to find that a man who does not know in this particular realm, the realm of civil liberties, has been in office for almost four years—four of the most dangerous years of our collective lives.   


Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr. Bush!


(A Satire of Sorts by James Boyne)


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If you are out of work here is all you need to do to find another good job---get in your car; drive over to your local community college (if you have one); walk into the admissions office; and tell them President Bush sent you and you are here to take Math and Science. Tell them you are here to prepare for the 21st century. This is George Bush’s strategic plan to help the 9 million people that are counted as currently unemployed and the additional 11 million, uncounted, long term unemployed.


For now, forget the job-hunting process. Forget your resume. Forget preparing for interviews. Forget the employment classifieds. Forget about actually landing a job. If you lost your job you are obviously not prepared for the 21st century. The President said so.


You need to go back to Community College and take Math and Science. This is the 21st Century.


Holy Cow! Evangelical Prejudice
Angie Pratt
George Neumayr, executive editor of The American Spectator, says
"Kerry was unable to stop himself from a contradiction within the course of a single answer on the topic of faith and deeds. He first called for faith without works -- he believes in Catholicism and has deep, deep "respect" for it, but can't act on his faith in the public square -- then ended his answer with a rebuke of Bush for having
"faith without works." The ironies pile up: here we have a sham Catholic citing James 2:14 (a verse Catholics use to argue against Protestantism) against a Protestant President who has "faith" but no "deeds," according to Kerry, even as that Catholic argues that his own faith shouldn't drive his deeds.

Why Argue?
Donna Marsh O'Connor, Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer, WTC Tower II, 93rd floor
It’s not a question I am posing, here.  The Sinclair Broadcasting Network is going to air an anti-Kerry film next week, pre-empting regular (?) programming and we are filling our internets (?) with protest:  We are signing petitions, we are writing letters to Mark Hyman, we are writing letters to editors of papers decrying the bias, the catastrophic abuse of power by media giants to determine the outcome of the election, we are contesting the use of state funds to perpetuate what we believe to be the worst of the state.  That is why we argue.  It won’t work.  They will air that program.
We better stop arguing against it.  What could possibly be in this film that warrants the focus of our powerful words?  What can Karl Rove produce about John Kerry that necessitates the attention?  What can this film say that is so damaging to John Kerry that our internet sites and editorials should be aborted by Rove/Bush so that we might counter this maneuver?  He has made, once again, the debate, not between a puppet and a man, but between John Kerry and his honor.  Let the lawyers handle it.  We need not to fight for this, only to note it.  Here is a suggestion:

Who is financing Our Artificially Low Gasoline Prices?
Angie Pratt
Back in the early summer oil prices peaked in the $41 a barrel range and the average price of gasoline hit some where near $2 a gallon. Boy howdy, consumers got concerned. Then, thankfully, the price of oil trended back down and we all took a breath.

That breather though only lasted a short time. The price of oil has been trending back up since August. In fact, oil, at over $54 a barrel, is now about 1/3rd higher than when gasoline prices peaked at around $2 a gallon.

If the ratio of gasoline to oil prices were the same today, the price of gasoline would be some where around $2.66 a gallon.


Running and Hiding Behind Clever Catch Phrases
Anthony Wade
As the glow fades from the second presidential debate, where John Kerry once again appeared more presidential, we must turn our attention to the stretch run and ensure that the Bush Cabal does not use clever catch phrases and non-substantive arguments to sway opinion. Coming out of Missouri , we see the tag line of choice down the stretch from Bush will be that Kerry can “run but he can’t hide” from his record.
This strategy has two prongs. One, it allows Bush to distort Kerry’s record hoping people will not be able to discern the spin before the elections. Two, and more important, is that Bush is using this strategy to try and make this election about Kerry’s record instead of what it should be about, Bush’s record. In essence, Bush is running and hiding from his own record by saying Kerry is running and hiding from his. We must be vigilant to make sure that we do not fall for this baseless form of propaganda and hold this president accountable for his horrific record the past four years.

Bush’s Sin?  He Covets
Lonna Gooden VanHorn

The twenty-third Psalm states:  “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”


When I was younger, I always believed that meant that if my heart was pure, and if I trusted in Him, God would look out for me and take care of my needs.  He would not let me starve.


I still believe that is true to some degree, even though there have been times in my life when God did not appear to be looking out for me, and when He did not keep me or mine from harm.


There are an awful lot of people who trust in God – who believe God will take care of their needs --  who are killed in battle or in other tragic ways when they most assuredly do not want to die.  In war-time this fact is brought home most dramatically.


An Open Plea to Michael Moore
Anthony Wade
Mr. Moore,
I know that you have been quite active in the political process this year and share the same goals most Americans have, which is to rid this country of the presidency of George W. Bush. You have contributed much to the process with your stunningly honest Fahrenheit 911 and how it exposed the president. That film also made you a lot of money, a true win-win.
I assume you saw the news today that the Sinclair Broadcast Group has ordered its affiliates across the country to air a partisan anti-Kerry attack documentary on the eve of the election this year. The tripe, entitled “Stolen Honor” is designed for one purpose only, to sway a national election at a point where honest rebuttal will be impossible before people go to cast their votes. This abhorrent strategy will see this film premiered in 62 television markets around the country including fourteen stations in such swing states as Ohio , Florida , Pennsylvania and Wisconsin . Sinclair is ordering its stations to pre-empt local programming in favor of the report.

Is Bush's other Brain in his Ear? The In-Ear Receiver that goes with Bush's Bulge in his Suit uses Wireless, In-ear-prompt Audio Technology that is Readily Available, Widely Used 
Rob Kall

The internet is abuzz with words and images speculating  that Bush used a bug to cheat in the first and possibly the second debate. There are pictures of a bulge in his back, reports of encyclopedic knowledge without notes by usually clueless Bush, pictures of what looks like something in his ear in earlier photos.... This article pulls together a number of these reports and also discusses the actual technology involved, which is widely used by the networks. In spite of this, the mainstream media are failing to report that they use this technology every day. 


Habits of the Fall From the Canary in the Mine
Donna Marsh O'Connor - Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer, WTC Tower II, 93rd floor

It was October of 2000.  My son, Jackson, my youngest child, just seven at the time was and still is a Yankee fan.  In our family October has been for many seasons a time to celebrate.  When you’re a Yankee fan the number of championship pennants and World Series victories is not a matter of guilt or shame.  We take it as a part of the natural order.  Baseball is a sport, a place and time where it is okay to root for one over the other, to wait for the mysteries of talent and physics to render one side victorious and the other demoralized, humble, and dejected.  It is fine, within the context of most sporting events, not to root for the underdog, not to hope that kind principles prevail. 


In my family our historic love for the Yankees was like our religion, except we put more time into the Yankees.  My father and my mother’s father, separated in our families by deep cultural divisions. He moved to bermuda and went on to become surprisingly successful in LOM's offshore bank accounts department .Both were Jews, but one was a Russian Jew, both were men, only one was educated, both loved my mother, one not enough for the other were only able to communicate on one level—the championship level, occupied when the fan becomes the team in victory. 


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